Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cases


Yes, we have closely reviewed Spigen’s 5 different Galaxy Note 9 cases. We can humbly say that these cases which although come with different design aspects but similar protective design, are really good case for Galaxy Note 9. Prices are ideal each cases. The prices of these cases changes between $30 and $50 on the market. However it might be smartest way to protect your $900 device.

Who should buy Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users may humbly prefer Spigen’s case which we have reviewed detailed.

Exclusive review for users who are going to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9. What kind of case you ought to buy?

If you remember, Samsung introduced its newest flagship Galaxy Note 9 to market few months ago. We’ll talk about this mighty smartphone not a much time later with its all details. If you want to look that review stay tuned people!

Yes as we all know, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not a cheap smart phone. Actually, we were talking about prices of smart phones with $250 and $350 price range few years before however we are talking about with $700 and $1000 price range for flagship smart phones. In this way, users really need to protect these kind of expensive devices. Because as you know prices are really expensive and you don’t want to waste your money.

Today we will talk about cases which are exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However it is important to say that some of users prefer to get insurance for their phones instead of cheap ways like buying protective case and screen layers. In this point you certainly ask for your insurance company to your completion of your insurance activation process. Because according to some news some of the insurance companies does not talk about this process and depending on different situations they demand extra charges to repair for your smart phone. Be careful!

So, let’s talk about the how Spigen cases will protect your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9…

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Slim Armor

Spigen’s Slim Armor Series is designed and became an exclusive case for users who especially demands for balance between thickness and protection. Designed for Galaxy Note 9, this model comes with both slime and sturdy shape of design. Created with sturdy polycarbonate materials, Slim Armor not only offers high end protection but also comes with special Aircushion technology. With this technology, Slim Armor reflects the impacts through the internal and exterior canals at the edges of the case. By the way, thanks to its curved edge design, Slim Armor keeps original design aspects of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

On the other hand Slim Armor has an integrated platform at rear face of itself. In this way you can experience comfortable view session putting the device on the table.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tough Armor

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Tough Armor is an exclusive case which prevents more dangerous impacts compared to Slim Armor within individual protective layer of case. Looking obviously very different to Slim Armor with its design, Tough Armor looks more masculine than Slim Armor. Because Tough Armor has got MIL standard certificate. Having MIL-STD 810G 51.6 certificate, Tough Armor also comes with extra impact protection materials around the case.

Additional to these features, Spigen Tough Armor comes with Air Cushion technology just like Slim Armor. In this way you can protect your device against to impacts, especially falling it from high places.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Ultra Hybrid

Another Galaxy Note 9 case is Ultra Hybrid which is also produced by Spigen. This model is designed for users who wants to show the design of their Galaxy Note 9. Crafted with transparent polycarbonate materials, Spigen Ultra Hybrid not only protects your device against impacts but also let you to show the design of your phone to your friends.

We also see the Spigen’s Air Cushion technology within this case. In this way Spigen Ultra Hybrid reflects the impacts through the internal and exterior canals at the edges of the case. By the way difference between Spigen Liquid Crystal case and Ultra Hybrid case is black frames of its case. In this way, it creates an option for design aspects.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Liquid Air

Yes let’s talk about Spigen’s Liquid Air Armor which I also using for my own Galaxy Note 9. In my opinion, Liquid Armor will be the best choice of users who prefer luxury, thickness and sturdy design same time. Spigen Liquid Air case looks really beautiful thanks to its inlaid design at the back of the case, in this way it prevents the device slipping from the hands. Talking about the quality of the materials, Spigen Liquid Air case has made from softer materials compared to Tough Armor and Slim Armor models. You can also prefer this case in this way.

Of course MIL certificate comes with this case as well. Having different kinds of protection features against the impacts, Spigen Liquid Air case protects your device even falling from high places thanks to its prominent edge design.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Liquid Crystal


Most of the cases are designed for protection of your device however it’s also important to show the design of your smart phone. Some of the cases designed to protect your device only but some of them really wants to let you show the design of your device thanks to its transparent layer in addition to protection of your device. However they are right about this topic because design aspects are important criteria for some users.

There is a handy solution comes with Spigen which is of course Liquid Crystal case.

Thanks to its slim and transparent design, Liquid Crystal case does not become an obstruction to original design of Galaxy Note 9 compared to other cases. Of course Liquid Crystal have a great protection against impacts and scorings in addition to its comfortable design.

We can also talk about another detail; Liquid Crystal is also protects your device and itself against finger prints thanks to its special design materials. In this way you will not face any kind of finger print while using with case or later usages without any case.