Logitech G432

We examined the Logitech G432, a gaming headset that puts on top of its predecessor.

Logitech G432 is a remarkably successful entry-level 7.1 Surround solution that includes all the features of its predecessor. In terms of design, the G432 is not much different from its predecessor, the G430. The first change that strikes our eye is that the blue fabric cushions, which are washable, durable, but cauterize our ears with long use, have been replaced by artificial leather, slightly firm but more comfortable pillows. The headset weighing 280 grams is neither light nor heavy, it is also extremely comfortable for long use.

The old metal-supported head bridge has been preserved in almost the same form, and the drivers can turn 90 degrees inwards, providing comfort in the office environment. In the G230 and G430, the plastic part where the drivers meet the bridge easily cracked, but it could continue to do its job. We did not notice any difference in terms of build and plastic quality, but we hope Logitech worked on it.

The new generation 50mm drivers offer an extremely satisfactory virtualization performance thanks to DTS Headphone: X 2.0, which can be activated through G HUB software. Frequency responses are between 20hz – 20Khz.

Sound and Software

Sounds, effects, explosions are simply fine in the games. The bass is weak on this model, just like the G430, and when the volume gets louder, the sounds can be scratchy. The music performance is at the level you would expect from a $38.31 headset, you will not be disappointed, but of course not for audiophiles.

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As you know, Logitech has an ultra-problematic but also capable product like G HUB on the software side. The G432 may not have things like RGB lighting, but it allows you to make the necessary changes from turning DTS on and off to simple settings. For DTS virtualization support, you need to use the USB DAC card that comes in the box. Likewise, you can use the PS4 or Switch while connected to the TV. When you use the 3.5mm jack, your options increase, you can use it on all mobile devices. In addition to the 2-meter 3.5mm jack cable, there is also a 3.5mm jack + microphone jack conversion adapter in the box.

Logitech G432 Microphone

There is also development in microphone. It was the most criticized side of the G430, as you know, and you would not find anyone satisfied with that microphone. The new 6mm microphone, on the other hand, provides a noticeably clear and jittery sound transmission both in games and interviews, and the pop filter on it does its job well. Although there is no light to indicate that the unremovable microphone is activated, you get a very distinct “click” feeling, so there is no problem in this respect. In addition, you can easily bring the microphone to the desired position .