Samsung Galaxy Book Review



Samsung Galaxy Book
Samsung Galaxy Book with its keyboard case

Samsung Galaxy Book, is kindly an acceptable device for users who prefer laptop performance and working design combining with more mobile platform. It would be great to see this device having with a SIM card port and LTE/3G support, however there are no such examples within this tables.

However summing up these features, Galaxy Book comes with enough performance for many of tablet users thanks to its durable screen along with sturdy case and powerful hardware. Adding these features to advantages of S Pen and 3 in 1 connection adapter, Galaxy Book becomes an important example for users who seeks out a brand new tablet.

It is important to note that this device is a little bit expensive for some of the users. You can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Book for $1, 129.00 on the market.

Who should buy Samsung Galaxy Book?

Users who prefer working on mostly mobile platforms and want to create minimalistic working place, would be grateful to buying Samsung Galaxy Book.

Samsung’s newest tablet which may overthrow the Notebooks on the market with its design aspects; Galaxy Book! We have reviewed it!

Samsung Galaxy Book
In our opinion Samsung Galaxy Book looks amazing!

Samsung really wants to increase the number of the users who prefer 2 in 1 devices like Galaxy Book and improve the popularity of these kinds of devices among the community, as expected they enlarge their funds of these devices. The latest product is revealed by South Korean brand is Galaxy Book. Before this model, we faced with Galaxy Tab Pro S, if you remember. There are no big differences on usability between these devices however of course we face with really improvements. We will talk about these and other features of Galaxy Book in this review.

Samsung Galaxy Book comes with two different product options. First of these comes with 12” sized screen which we will talk about it in our review and the other one comes with 10” sized screen. The difference of screen sizes is not the only difference of course. There are also differences based on processors. Model coming with 12” sized screen have Intel Core i5 processor, on the other hand 10.6” sized screen model comes with Intel Core M3.

Of course prices of these devices changes depend on these differences. You can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Book with 12” sized screen for $1, 049, 00 on the market. If you want a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Book, with a TFT touch panel instead of that Super AMOLED display, you’ll have to pay $629 for 4GB of memory and 64GB of SSD storage powered by an Intel Core m3 processor behind a 1,920 x 1,280 touchscreen.

How about the performance of Samsung Galaxy Book?

Of course the price is little bit expensive for a tablet however Galaxy Book is actually more than a tablet. Because you are going to buy a device with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity with an SSD and Windows 10 operation system which meets expectations of a Laptop as well. Success of being mobility is another advantage of this device. In addition, S Pen and Keyboard Set included within the Samsung Galaxy Book. If you remember, you may need to buy an individual keyboard set along with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

As final words, we may show Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as an opponent to this tablet. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with similar features from Samsung Galaxy Book which you can buy for $950 on the market. Of course you might buy a notebook powered with Core i7 processor for these prices in contrast to 2 in 1 feature however you need to forget about advantages mobility.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Book is resembling a Laptop within its keyboard case. In our opinion places of each keyboard buttons, size and height of the device affects Galaxy Book really positively. On the other hand plastic materials on the surface has really impressive feeling it does not disturb the users. You will get similar feeling with exterior of the keyboard case. Galaxy Book becomes really handy devices comparing to its looking aspects.

Samsung Galaxy Book
You can always use your new Samsung Galaxy Book both as a Notebook and Tablet.

If we look at the design of the device itself, we will face that aluminum materials used with this device’s exterior design. Curving to the edges design which we face mostly on smartphones, have air exhausts on both of up and side edges of the device. There are also power buttons and volume buttons located up of the device. We also face a microSD port on the left and double USB-C port with a headphone jack on the right of the device.

On the other hand, there are two cameras located on the front and rear of the device. We face a 5 megapixel resolution camera on the front and 13 megapixel camera on the back.

As we talked before, S Pen coming within the box has the same features as like Galaxy Note 8 and Tab S3.  Having 9.4 mm length, S Pen comes with only 0.7 mm pen point. In addition to those it has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. In this way it allows users to experience like a real pencil comfort with your paintings and writings.

There is also important accessory coming within box; Converter Adaptor. As an extension accessory kit comes as a gift with Galaxy Book which you may not find easily. You will also have an access to USB 3.0 and HDMI ports thanks to this adaptor.