Xiaomi has fixed issues with the 100W wired fast charger that it has been planning to release for a while. If the process proceeds smoothly as expected, next month Xiaomi will be expected to introduce a new 100W power charger.

“Super Charge Turbo”, the hardware of the 100W fast charger that Xiaomi has been working on for a while, started mass production at Foxconn factories. If the process continues as expected, next month Xiaomi will introduce this enormously powerful fast charger. Apart from the wired charger, the company is known to work on a wireless and high-power fast charger, but the details for the wireless model are not clear yet. The question of whether the new charging technology will be introduced only as a new technology or integrated in new Xiaomi phones will be revealed next month.

Source: https://hwp.com.tr/xiaomi-100w-gucundeki-kablolu-hizli-sarj-cihazini-tanitmaya-hazirlaniyor-143898