Everyone is interested in this wireless earburd. Razer is one of them. It produces player equipment and accessories. Recently, it introduced the new wireless headseat, Hammerhead True Wireless.

This headseat is produced for mobile games on iOS and Android platforms. This looks like it is going to end sound lag on the mobile. Professional equipment for mobile gamers.  This headset virtually gets rid of audio latency in mobile games. Mobile platforms use bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in particular. This customized ultra low latency mode reduces sound lag to just 60 ms, especially in FPS games. Thanks to this feature, we can say that players gain a great advantage multiplayer mobile games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Each of the headphones offers uninterrupted 3 hours of use with a full charge. There is also an additional USB-C charging container that can offer 4 full charges to the headphones. Thanks to the container, the duration of use can be increased up to 15 hours.

You need to tap 3 times to activate this customized version bluetooth 5.2 to protect sound quality and batery life in low latency mode. You can also do basic tasks such as changing the song, answering calls or enabling your preferred voice assistant with touch controls on the headset. But if you want to adjust the volüme, you have to do it from your phone.

This earburd costs $99 on the global market.