Before getting a permanent tattoo it is necessary to think thoroughly. Thanks to its augmented reality support, the Inkhunter app allows you to experiment with tattoo models without fear of tattoo wiper.

Offering an interesting solution to eliminate the fear of tattoo wiper, the application of the Inkhunter allows you to see your tattoo in advance by choosing between tattoo models. With augmented reality support, you can choose between tattoo models that are included in the application, as well as install a model that is your own drawing. You can make simple adjustments and take pictures in the application where you can view the tattoo’s stance on different angles. You can also discard photos taken with your tattoo applied to social media or save them to your phone to show them to the tattoo artist before getting a tattoo.

How Does It Work?

As you can register with your email or Facebook account you can also use the app anonymously. After selecting a design from the crowded design library, you need to draw three lines with the pencil as described by the application to the region where you want to see the tattoo. Then the rear camera detects the area and puts the tattoo in the field. After confirming the design, you can change the size of the tattoo and adjust the posture position.

The application, where you can add your own drawings from the My Tattoos section, offers different styles of designs, as well as the ability to access the index pages of users who have signed the design. In this way, users who have forged designs on the platform can also follow the index.

The app offers support for both IOS and Android.