According to the announcement made by Epic Games today, Metro Exodus, which was eagerly awaited by millions of players, was announced to be exclusive to the Epic Games store and will only be sold on this platform. Only users who perform the purchase during the preorder period will be able to access the game via Steam.

Metro Exodus, developed by 4a Games and published by Deep Silver, is in Moscow in a post-apocalyptic world, and in addition to Moscow, where players are devastated by nuclear catastrophe; there is an impressive adventure in other parts of Russia. Currently the European price of the game is 49.99 Euro.

There will be both standard and gold versions of the game in the store. In addition, the previous games of the series, Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux will also be replaced by the Epic Games store later. This will end the Steam days of the subway games.

The Epic Games store announced in the past weeks that Ubisoft games, including the highly anticipated the Division 2, will be sold through the Epic Games store. With this move, the battle between Epic Games Store and Steam was fired, the competition was thoroughly escalated.