Nokia making tremendous impact under HDM Global, this time is on the agenda with the Nokia 1 Plus model. The newly emerging phone is located at the entry level.

Nokia the highly anticipated the MWC 2019 conference this time is with unexpected Nokia 1 Plus model. According to the leaked image, the model has a square and framed design. The device, which is quite thick on the screen frames, is directly at the entry level as we say above. The phone, positioned on the Nokia 1, carries a 5 inch 480 × 960 pixel LCD display. With 1GB of RAM, Nokia 1 Plus comes with Android 9 Pie Go Edition in the box according to recordings. The smart phone, which will receive its power from the MediaTek MT6739WW processor, is located in a position that can fulfil the basic needs through the “Go” applications dedicated to low devices. The model, officially launched in the MWC 2019, is expected to be sold fewer than 100 dollars.

There Are New Models as Well As Additively to Nokia 1 Plus Model

Here comes the first Nokia 9 PureView model with five rear cameras. In addition, the Nokia 6.2 (8.1 Plus) model is also on the way. According to the newly released invitations, the 6.2 has a screen hole in the model. So the phone, which is integrated in the front camera screen, takes place in this new era. The Nokia 9 PureView does not carry a notch or screen hole due to its wide frames.