The 2019 Apple iPhone family will have the most affordable model iPhone XR (2019). This model won’t regret the speed of the Internet.

According to robust sources, the 2019 iPhone family consists of three different models, as in 2018. They are said to be 6.5 inch OLED-screened iPhone Xı Max, 5.8 inch OLED-screened iPhone x and 6.1-inch OLED-screened iPhone XR (2019). From these models, the new XR will offer a much higher LTE connection speed than the current model, as it is said. Behind this is 2 × 2 mimo not 4 × 4 Mimo antenna support is taking place. As far as 4 × 4 Mimo technology, four-line data connection between the phone and base stations can be established. This naturally improves connection performance. The model will be much cheaper than the rest of the family, and this year it’s also called a double rear camera. This looks good for a new phone to be built on a coloured body.

What We Know About the 2019 IPhone Family Is Growing

As far as we’ve recently learned, the triple camera on the back of the iPhone x Max has a 10 megapixel and 14 megapixel resolution. While the resolution of the third camera is unknown, the true depth camera system in front of the model is called a 10 megapixel selfie cam. In general, the whole family will have a Lightning port, not a USB-C, while the models are trying to raise the bar about WiFi. It is stated that the family will support the Wi-Fi 6 standard. In this way, phones that will increase the connection speed 40 percent compared to the Wi-Fi 5 We use will be based on the IEEE 802.11 ax technology. It is among the new information that the 2019 family will provide 5g connection support.