With its ultra-luxurious iPhone models, Caviar is now facing the world’s most expensive Nokia 6500 model.

The Russian-based Caviar manages to surprise us once again with his new work. Since the company is prepared in 2019 with the special Nokia 6500. The phone with a cornered structure allegedly commemorated by Viking Swords has the name Caviar Viking Ragnar Carbon. The phone with the titanium T9 keyboard, leather coating and carbon body is the same as the standard Nokia 6500. Here we now come up with a 2.2 inch 320 × 240 pixel TFT display, 830 mAh battery, 2 megapixel rear camera and LED light as well as details. This breathtaking special version, with a price of approximately 2,600 dollars, reveals an option that only the very, very rich would want to put into their collections. It is unclear why the company prefers such a standard phone in 2019.

Caviar Has Attracted Attention with the Latest IPhone Xs Max Swiss Dreams

Because it was a gold-plated Apple Watch that was behind the very special iPhone Xs Max model. The company, which adorned the phone with gold details and uses a gold-plated body, had once again surprised with the most interesting iPhone model we have ever seen. The company has estimated 21,050 dollars for 64 GB version of this model, 21,350 dollars for 256 GB and 512 for 21,730 GB