Samsung plans to announce its new flagship phone, Galaxy S10, on February 20th. Even though the company introduced the Galaxy S10 family for a while, Galaxy S10’s benchmark result emerged.

According to information shared by Slashleaks, Galaxy S10 + is behind the iPhone Xs with the performance it offers. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + with Snapdragon 855 processor is 3,413 from the Geekbench’s single core performance and 10,256 points from its multi-core performance. Let’s point out that the iPhone Xs received 4,797 and 11,264 points from the same test, respectively. Apple’s A-series processors generally perform better than the Qualcomm processors Samsung uses. Since Apple designs its processors and can offer tighter integration between hardware and software.

What will be the Sales Price of the Most Powerful Member of the Galaxy S10 Family?

The sale price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X, which we expect to be the strongest member of the Galaxy S10 family, came out shortly before. According to the latest information, Galaxy S10 X with 5g technology will be available for sale at 1,400-1,600 dollars abroad. Galaxy S10 X will be one of the first smart phones with 5g technology in the market stated that the Exynos 5100 modem will be included.

It is said that the phone, which will include a 6.7 inch Super AMOLED curved screen, comes with a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. It is said that the phone, which will be offered for sale on March 29th, can be purchased with 10 GB or 12 GB of RAM. Four on the back and 2 cameras in front of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X offers 512 GB/1TB internal storage options.