WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging services, seems to host a new bug that will annoy Android users.

First appeared last month, but later the WhatsApp software error that fell from the agenda came out on the water again. They are complaints by Android users; according to the error resulting from the application deletes the users ‘ old messages. Users who are not backed up cannot access the data again. Although users record that messages are deleted chronologically, they also have messages deleted from 2015, as well as users who have lost data from 2018. For now this error seems to be affected only by Android users. There is no such complaint on the IOS side yet. The application is expected to resolve this issue with the new update to be published. You can only back up your data in a simple way until then.

Unlimited Drive Backup to Android Users

The popular messaging service had heralded the unlimited Drive backup support for Android users last year. Since November 12, 2018, platform backups of Android users are not occupying Drive space. So you can back up your chats to your Drive account so you don’t have to fear losing data.  

In addition to the problem that is expected to fix with the new update, Android users also expect a new functional feature in the future. The beta process of the platform is expected to be published soon with the fingerprint of the thumbprint of the test.