YouTube brings the content change control used in the Instagram stories feature to the mobile app. The feature that was introduced in the deployment makes it easier to use the application.

The ability to change content by scrolling through the Instagram stories comes to the YouTube mobile app with a new update. As of this week, you can switch to other content by scrolling through the screen at any time, especially when you’re watching videos. In this way, users can change the content they watch without changing the full-screen view, which means they don’t go out of the interface. Let’s just specify that the contents can be changed in the same way outside the full-screen view. So if you’re using the app vertically, you can swipe to the next video.

Of course, the content that is coming in pursuit is progressing according to the list of “recommended videos” that YouTube has prepared for you. You can move your finger from right to left, switch to new content, and vice versa to view the previous content. Because there is no full-screen experience in vertical use, it’s also possible to view the upcoming video from the suggested list at the bottom of the screen.

The New YouTube Feature is First on IOS

The popular video sharing platform records that % 70 of its watch time comes from mobile. That’s why new updates are being made to make it easier for users to enjoy their mobile experience and to spend more time on mobile. The update was announced to be deployed to IOS devices first this week. When Android users will have new features, unfortunately, it remains uncertain for now.