Canon announces that it will develop a new full-frame without mirror camera that can shoot 8k video.

In an interview with Imaging Resource, senior product planning manager Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi confirmed that an 8k video-enabled camera is already on the EOS R series roadmap. Canon opted for Full HD video on the EOS 5d Mark II, which was released in 2008, while using 4k support on the 5d Mark Iv and 1d X Mark II machines.

“They have developed multiple EOS R cameras and are working on an amateur model, as well as full frame image quality due to the features preferred at various levels,” Mizoguchi said. It is not yet known what features the specified machine will have to be developed for entry level.

What Features Does the Canon EOS R Promise?

Canon introduced the EOS R last September. The company’s first full-camera without mirror, the EOS R, is in a really important spot. The company, which has long been in the without mirror camera market, is approaching really seriously this time with the new model.

With this model, the company, which now appeals to professional users, prefers a design drawing that we are accustomed to in the model. The camera is built on a 30.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor. The model, which takes its power from the 8 processor, can shoot 30 frames (Crop var) video in 4k resolution. Here, the acclaimed camera is able to give out 10 bit 4:2:2 HDS, carrying an electronic viewfinder of 3.69 million points.