According to the newly discovered codes in Chromium Gerrit,  Google is preparing to offer dark mode in its own applications to deliver a dark mode that will cover the entire system on Android Q.

Lukasz Zbylut, a Google engineer recently pointed out that a system-wide dark mode feature will be used in conjunction with Android Q.  “ Android Q team wants all applications preinstalled on devices to support dark mode”.  He said the night mode feature will come first to Google applications.

Fortunately, Google apps that are pre-loaded on devices look like that it will not take much longer to support the dark mode. The first time 9to5google discovered the Chromium Gerrit code, it shows that Google is working on a dark mode feature that will delight users for the Chrome Android app.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any detailed information about the dark mode for the moment. However, we can say that the ‘ Chrome Night Mode ‘ feature in Chromium Gerrit is clearly seen as a day. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether Google will be able to present the Chrome Night mode feature with Android Q or earlier.

Google does not share information about the issue, it is a lot of question marks in the minds. The night mode feature is a fact that will be welcomed by users. But it is also very important how Google can present this feature. It is also about how Google has a plan for site content that might conflict with the dark mode.