TP-Link is a new generation wireless network standard and is located at CES Fair with 802.11 ax-supported products, which are characterized as Wi-Fi 6. The company is preparing to introduce five different models and Mesh solutions with AX support.

The first of the products that TP-Link will introduce is Deco X10, the AX-assisted Mesh WiFi solution. Combining high Wi-Fi speeds provided by the AX standard with Mesh technology, Deco X10 offers three-band support and a 1.95 Gbps wireless speed. It provides a superior solution for large homes and offices where a large number of devices are connected to the network.

The Second product TP-Link will introduce at CES is Archer AX11000, who also has the CES 2019 Innovation Award. The AX11000, a tri-band gaming router that supports the AX standard, provides the network performance required for the ultimate online gaming experience. The router, which can reach a total of 10756 Mbps wireless speeds, supports the OFDMA technology, which destroys delays and parasites.

Another AX-supported model of TP-Link is Archer AX6000. This product at CES has 1140 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 4,804 Mbps wireless speeds in the 5 GHz band. Supporting applications such as Ultra HD, 4k/8k video streaming and simultaneous online gaming, the product provides a seamless, seamless, fast Wi-Fi network. The device, which is a convenient network solution for modern homes and offices where more devices are networked, is able to incorporate wired devices into the network at high speed thanks to 2.5 Gbps WAN input.

Archer AX1800, budget-friendly, entry-level Wi-Fi 6 solution. This product, developed for those who want to experience the latest AX technology at the most affordable price, is also located at CES.

TP-Link RE705X Range Extender Is Also On the Road

TP-Link’s latest AX-assisted product introduced at CES is a Wi-Fi range extender. RE705X model product allows delivering the internet at AX1800 wireless speeds to every corner of the house. The product, which offers both signals reaching everywhere and the advanced features provided by Wi-Fi 6, eliminates the problem of the dead zone.