The popular messaging app WhatsApp makes it easy to switch from group conversations to singular conversations thanks to the feature it adds with a new update.

WhatsApp groups often facilitate communication, while the platform enriches group chats with new features. In the past, you had to create a new message by exiting the group conversation in order to send a message specifically to a person involved in a group conversation. That would keep you from making a lot of unnecessary steps. WhatsApp recently released the version 2.19.10 with the update to eliminate this problem. You can now open a new conversation window by selecting the person you want in the group talk.

Switch From Group Talk to Individual One

The steps you need to follow are quite simple. You come to the name of the person you want to talk to in a new window. Here you need to open the chat options by holding down the name. Unfortunately, the option we want in the first drop-down panel does not appear. If you select the “other” option at the bottom, a second panel opens. If you choose the “Reply privately” option in this panel, a new conversation window opens. It’s possible to open a separate conversation window with two simple taps, without adding the contact to your contacts. Once you’ve made that update, you can start using the feature. Let’s add that the new WhatsApp update is 94.5 MB.