A new one is added to the auxiliary services developed for the Instagram. You can now see which colours are used predominantly throughout the year, as well as the most admired photos throughout the year.

The installer provides a platform in which users can visually express themselves. However, this “phrase” method is usually stuck in the photo’s appreciation section. In a slightly deeper depth, even the weighted colour tones used in the shares may mean something to the profile owner. If you’ve shared the most admired photos of 2018 in your account, you might be wondering what colour tones you share most in the year. The browser-based service that is prepared for this Year of colour takes out your colour palette.

Tailor Made Colour Palette

The Year of colour site only offers a solution where you can see the colour distribution in your account. You need to login to the site with your Instagram account. So, unfortunately, you can’t look at others ‘ profiles, like most of the Internet-based “Most admired photos of the year” service. The service distinguishes your most acclaimed shipments and discolorates this data. It is also possible to sort the resulting colour palette in different ways. For example, you can set your favourite colour to full centre, as well as options for distributing by colour brightness, sort by share date. You can experience these adjustments directly above the card. If you want to remove the colour palette of your own profile, you can find this data here. https://yearofcolour.com/