Uranus is behaving completely differently from other planets in our solar system. The cause of Uranus’s unusual movements can be a giant collision.

This year was a very productive year in terms of space studies. Rocket and car were sent to Mars. The rockets that could land back to Earth were launched. Very enlightening information came from many of the vehicles on the space mission. We have also received an illuminating news for Uranus. Finally, scientists have found that they have found a logical explanation for the answers to some of the questions they have not been able to answer for years.

It was wondered why Uranus has behaved differently from all the other planets in our solar system for many years. Last July, the blue planet was discovered to return to the solar system at an angle of 90 degrees. Scientists thought that the planet had to be subjected to a massive collision so that such a situation could happen.

Based on this information, in their work with computer simulations, they discovered that the multiplier object must be at least twice as large as the Earth in order to change the orbit of a Uranus-sized planet in this way. It is estimated that this great collision occurred when Uranus had not yet completed its development and even the satellites of the planet did not occur. In the light of the data obtained, a group of researchers stated that the object that hit Uranus did not disappear and still could be the 9th unexplored planet.