We have compiled the latest innovations spoken about the flagship S10, which Samsung will introduce next year, and its family.

Samsung’s next phone came up with new news about the features of Galaxy S10 and other friends. The leaked features may seem to be as standard for Samsung’s future phones, but it will first appear in the S10 family. So, what about the specifics of the new phone?

Fast Charging            

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be Samsung’s first phone to support faster than 15W. The new fast charging technology will turn Samsung’s slow charging reputation into history.  The winner of our hearts with reliable leaks in the Ice Universe statement  “Samsung’s 15w battery is in history. A faster charge is on the road” explained.

Bright Night Camera

With the new night vision camera mode, the Samsung S10 seems to be launching an innovation. The name of the new feature is expected to be “Bright Night”.

Galaxy S10 Release date

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S10 family to be introduced at the Samsung event on February 20, 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Edge and Galaxy S10 Plus are among those expected to be opened and pre-ordered on the same day and  available for sale on March 8, 2019.