LG is one of the world’s largest television producers. It is preparing to announce a very interesting product within the scope of CES 2019.

As television technology evolves, the projectors seem to be a bit less important. Almost as thin as the table, the light weight and the computer can make as much functional televisions were released. Thus, in the past,  the projectors, which were the greatest legends of university youth to play PES  became quite inexantable.

It seems that LG has caught a serious market gap.  LG has been working on a product for a long time.

The projector is reflected from the LG 310 screen image  from  a distance 17 cm

LG’s laser projector  is prepared to announce in the scope of CES 2019 (January 8-12). It has much more interesting features than its counterparts. This projector can reflect  the image in 4K resolution on the wall and from both the ceiling and the floor. You don’t even have to position this projector right in front of it; The LG Laser 4k is able to reflect  images even across the side wall.

Laser 4K can project a 310-screen image from a distance of just 17 centimeters to the wall. It can shorten the distance by up to 7 centime. From this distance, even the image can be projected up to 228 screen. So it seems that LG will mobilize a market that has not been attracting attention for a long time. At CES 2019 we will be getting details about the projector and transferring them to you.