According to a code discovered by members of the XDA Developers, Samsung has developed a new low-light mode called Bright Night to offer the best low-light performance ever from the Galaxy S10.

When it comes to low-light photos, it won’t be wrong to say that Samsung is the number one brand in terms of hardware. Because the company’s F/1.5 aperture cameras can not say that  many competitors. However, good hardware should be supported with good software to provide the best results.

Members of the XDA Developers have discovered some codes about the new low light mode of the South Korean technology giant in the Android Pie beta software of Samsung Galaxy Note9. According to these codes, Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S10 will have a new low-light mode called Bright night, similar to Google’s night vision.

The Bright Night mode has improve based on long exposures and low shutter speeds. It will ensure to capture more than one photo in low light conditions and combine more than one photo to produce clearer and brighter pictures than usual. As you can imagine, you’ll need to hold the camera steady for a few seconds to take a good picture with Bright Night.

Samsung is one of the most ambitious players when it comes to mobile photography. It is undeniably true. However, thanks to the camera software that Apple has developed, Huawei is preventing it from being clearly victorious in Samsung’s smartphone photography with hardware enhancements. How the company will deliver a camera performance with the Galaxy S10 would be important to see who has the throne in mobile photography.