IOS and Android are the dominant operating systems of the smartphone market. Purism Librem has the Pureos operating system. Early access development kits of Librem 5 appeared. It is expected to compete with IOS and Android.

When you want to buy a new smartphone, you can come up with many brands and models.  However, when you look at the essence of the business, all options are using  either IOS or Andriod operating system. More importantly, if they  produces in the same year, we see that they have similar equipment and features.  So although the option seems plentiful, most phones actually have the same phone in their heart.

A hardware manufacturer, purism  has decided to develop its own smartphone to disrupt the situation we have described above. The most important feature of this smartphone, Librem 5 is using the Linux-based Pureos operating system instead of the Android operating system. Purism Librem 5 is in the development phase for a long time. But we may not be far from the final product.

Purism librem 5, IOS, Android

As you can see from the images above, the development kits of Librem 5 have emerged. This indicates that the device may face the final version early next year. The device based on Purism’s customized I. MX8M hardware  comes to the fore with its security and privacy features. Considering that Purism will be a third ecosystemin a market with two giant players, we can say that it will not be easy to hold on the market.