Razer is known for its gaming equipment. It introduces Raiju Mobile, the mobile game controller. Raiju Mobile took mobile acting one step further with a high-performance game phone.  It is one of the steps Razer’s way of rising in the gaming industry. This is mobile controller. Razer boasts the motto  “made by players, for gamers.”  Ultimately, players know what players want again.

Raiju Mobile is one of the countless accessories develop by the company.  It is not only for the phones that Razer produced; It is available on all Android devices. Razer describes Raiju mobile as “to boost your mobile gaming performance.” In addition, Raiju offers improved customization options. The controller’s key layout is also very ergonomic and multi-functional. And the keys can be assign to all the commands preferred.

For multi-function keys, the sensitivity level can be edit. The sensitivity level can be adjust. So, it showss how detail the company is thinking ab Raiju Mobile. For now, the label price of the device is 149.99 dollars.