The last weapon in Intel’s most-core processor race will be introduced before the end of this year. The processor called the Xeon W-3175x  will be 28 cores. When sufficient cooling is provided, it can reach a speed level of 5.0 GHz.

Intel's most-core processor, Intel's 28-core new processor Xeon W-3175x

When we look at Intel’s history, we see that it is not a foreign trader market with a high price. The Xeon series is for top-level workstations and data centers. The Xeon series can reach up to 10,000 dollars with some models.

The Xeon W-3175x will be introduced soon. It has a price of 4,000 dollars. Compared to the 28-core Xeon Platinum 8180, we can say it has a fairly affordable price. Considering that the processor can reach high clock speeds, the product is becoming remarkably noticeable.

If the 4,000 price is not approved by Intel, the information received from Wccftech shows that many retailers will be pricing the processor between 4200 and 6700 dollars. The point we need to remember here is that the Xeon W-3175x will not only compete with Intel’s other processors. AMD’s Threadripper counterparts offer the core numbers that are similar to the much more affordable prices.

For example, the top-level threadripper has the 2990WX, the 32 physical core, and the 64 virtual cores. It reaches 4.2 GHz speeds; It isdoing all this with a price of 1700. This competition from AMD brought a new breath to the market. Zen 2-based 3000 series processors are also on the way.

For now, we don’t have more information about Xeon W-3175x. But we don’t think we’re going to have to wait too long. If AMD’s third generation Threadripper processors are also low on cost, and it reflects the user as a reasonable price. It seems that Intel’s work is not going to be easy.