The Instagram stories feature has the option of “Countdown” with the new update. Now it’s possible to start a countdown in stories without a 24-hour limit.

Built with new features, the Intel stories offer another fun alternative to the users. The new countdown feature added to stickers makes it possible for users to create afun alternative. With a simple two-touch, users can add a counter to the countdown to stories they share. This countdown timer is not limited to 24 hours, but it is also possible to start a counter for a future date. And how does this feature work and how is it used?

Instagram Stories Countdown Feature

It’s very simple to use the feature. If you want to share an important event countdown with your friends, you must first take or select a photo for your story. You then select the Countdown feature by tapping the sticker icon at the top right, just like all other stickers. You have to choose the date where my countdown will end. If you turn off the all day option, you can also start a timer on that day. Other than that, you can choose one of the upcoming dates.

You can also change the colour of my countdown by tapping the colour palette at the top of the story, except for the date selection. The colours are unfortunately not manually selected. It is possible to switch between the currently existing colours by tapping a few times.

If you share after completing the edit, your friends can create a reminder for this countdown. So even if the story is erased after 24 hours, when the countdown is complete, the notification is going to those who choose to create reminders. To create a reminder, tap the counter in an existing story and choose remind inthe option that appears below. You can also share someone else’s countdown in your own story in the same way.

Although the feature is fun for users, it seems to be especially useful for businesses. You can start your own countdown by following these steps, as we will soon see a number of accounts that initiate a countdown to a new product.