There is a huge increase in subscription sales in mobile applications released in recent years. Individual and enterprise application developers are offering applications for free. Then, they achieve a high amount of revenue by selling various subscriptions. Let’s take a look at the top-earning  applications of this year together.

With the most revenue-generating apps, the list of best IOS apps differs. The functionality of applications is a relative concept. However,some of the applications on the list may surprise you. According to the application sales of the applications that are selling the subscription, you can understand from the sales figures that you have earned a lot more. For example, Tinder’s selling special subscriptions, such as Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the most important element that allows the application to enter this list.

Subscription-selling applications bring great income.  That’s why most of the list is caused by these applications. The list was created based on revenues from Iphone and Ipad users. The most Money winning IOS apps of 2018:

  1. Netflix – $ 790.2 million
  2. Tencent Video – $ 490.0 million
  3. Tinder – $ 462.2 million
  4. iQiyi – $ 420.5 million
  5. Kwai (Kuaishou) – $ 264.5 million
  6. YouTube – $ 244.2 million
  7. Pandora – $ 225.7 million
  8. Youku – $ 192.9 million
  9. QQ – $ 159.7 million
  10. Hulu – $ 132.6 million