Users complained about the slowdown of the sharing menu. Google has updated the Maps app. So, it has added a new design for the sharing menu.

Google maps is at the top of the world’s most popular online navigation services. However, it is still not possible to say that Google maps works  and performs perfectly. Google updated the sharing menu, one of the most critical areas of the mobile app. It promises a more stable and smooth user experience.

Google has upgraded the maps to the 10.6.1 version with the update it publishes.  It  has renewed the share menu. The new share menu with similar design with Google News has a scrolling interface. In this way, the old interface, which has consistently criticised the performance  was history. At the top of the new interface, you can manually set the buyer section, below the contacts and the apps at the bottom.

 Google is not afraid to continually update its mobile apps to improve the user experience. Company continuously updates the interface of Google News, Google Assistant  and many other services, making it easy and simple for users to use. The new update can also be said to make the location sharing feature in Google maps much easier.