The Fortnite Save the World mode is hosting a special event these days. Players who beat the Storm King in the game will be won by the Storm King badge. Epic Games is sent to the players’ addresses for free.

Kill the King Grab the Badge

The Storm King is the seventh in the story based mode of Fortnite to save the world. A very powerful monster comes out in the season. The developers who want to finish the episode with a beautiful ending, they have prepared a challenging final for the players. If the winners of this battle test the players  build skills, their possessions, their aiming skills and reflexes, they will win a special gift.

Unlike other game rewards, players will acquire a physical item this time. The special Storm King badge of the players who killed the Storm King will have it for free by Epic Games. Players who successfully complete the task will receive an e-mail special code. Besides they will get instructions on how to get the badge. So it is important to have a valid email address to get the prize.

The players who beat the Storm King will win a lot of prizes, as well as the Storm King badge. To have all these special gifts, players have to kill the Storm King by doing their duty to 07.59 on January 2, 2019 hours.