YouTube is very sensitive to Community rules violations. YouTube lifted millions of channels, videos and reviews in the last quarter.

 How many videos deleted due to policy violations.  Youtube has released its last quarter report. Between July and September, YouTube removed 7.8 million videos, approximately 1.7 million channels and over 224 million comments. And the education of the machine is the biggest effort in this regard.   

Company  “We are blending people’s interpretations and technology to find offensive content on our platform.  And we have begun to use learning technology with more advanced artificial intelligence since 2017,” said.

More than 7.8 million videos removed for violating the YouTube community guidelines. 81% detected by the company’s automated system. A large majority of these videos were not even monitored before they were detected. About three quarters of the removed videos were  ‘spam ‘ video.  Videos that threaten child safety and have adult content and removed a 10% ratio. Only 0.4% of the videos contained violent extremism.

If we come to the canals, the channels  removed after 3 warnings that they violate community rules. 80% of the 1.7 million channels removed because of ın spam all videos, more than 12% of them had adult content, and 4.5% violated because of child safety rules. Of course, along with these channels, 50.2 million videos removed from the site in the last quarter.

The reason for more than 224 million comments removed was YouTube’s violation of Community rules. 99.5% of the removed comments were detected by YouTube’s automated system.

YouTube had problems in the past due to disturbing children’s videos and videos of extremism. To address this issue, Google increased the effort of the learning program with artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the European Union continued to force sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to remove extremism videos within an hour.