One of 2018’s most winning games, Pokemon GO has managed to turn many former players into agame with a daily task system. Now the long awaited feature has come.

The NianticLabs ‘ soon to be successful game, Pokemon GO, surprises the game, especiallysince it achieved its highest income in 2018. Combining mobile game with real life, we go around catching Pokemon and developing Pokedex. After a while, players who were bored of it had left the game despite the intense period in2016. Then again with the arrival of the task system was still a missing forplayers returning to the game. In fact, a major shortcoming we can’t believe he hasn’t been in the game since 2016: Pokemon battles between players.

Pokemon GOPvP Update has arrived

Players around the world will now be able to fight the Pokemon they have captured amongst themselves. It has also been announced that the CP should be limited inorder to have more balanced battles in PvP battles where players can be included in 10 levels and above. You need to read the other player’s QR code tostart the battle on the feature you can get by updating the game. But if you have a friend with Ultra and Best friend status, you can fight it from afar.

At the end of the battles, a variety of prizes are given to both the winner and the loser. One of them is very difficult to find these days, and the fourth. The Sinnohstone is needed for generation evolution. However, only three battles a day canbe received from the prize. There will be war with the NPCs.