Razer Kraken Tournament Edition


This time Razer introduced very interesting model and it is really good to see that model crossed with design aspects we accustomed before. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition was released on September 2018 and its’ price for $99.99 USD on the market.

Accustomed Design, Lots of Innovation; we have reviewed Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer is known as with its high quality products which are exclusive for gamers and its headsets are most preferable products on the market. Keeping its own design aspect (HUGE) for a long time. However updates every product with innovation, Kraken series is here with really interesting model. Kraken Tournament Edition is not different from Kraken, Man O’War and Thresher model by its looks. However it is need to be talk about features which makes Kraken Tournament Edition as new and innovative.

 Kraken Tournament Edition has two 50 mm sized ear pads and it weighs only 322 gram which is 50 gram lighter than Man O’War model.  Although it is not “puffy” as Man O’War model, it has creamy softness which we don’t see a lot on other brands and models. On the other hand, a little bit cooling gel injected to ear pads in order to avoid sweating of users at long usages.  Fabric coating of ear pads which do not itches users’ skin a lot. It also helps to transfer to heat and reduces sweating to minimal levels.

THX Spatial Audio and More

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition can be used with both 3.5 mm headset jack and USB connection. Sounds stereo with 3.5 mm headset jack, this headphone is compatible with all kind of devices. Kraken Tournament Edition becomes the first headphone which using THX Spatial Audio technology when you connect it your computer with an USB cable. Also you can attach its amp to any surface with its gluey under surface (Not the glue within the box, we don’t suggest it) which have different buttons such as Volume Up / Down, Mute,  Microphone Muteand Bass settings etc. By the way, of course you can start or stop THX Spatial Audio module with these buttons.

Another important innovation comes with Kraken Tournament Edition is you can set the differences between audio chat and game sound balance. In this way, you can talk with your friends without disturbance of Helicopter sound from the game.

Kraken Tournament Edition’s music performance get mostly positive comments by users. However we think and in our opinion it has only “acceptable” music performance. However while playing games you would get extremely perfect and unbelievable sound performance especially with THX Spatial Audio turned on. We suggest you to turn off the bass while listening music due to extremely intensive bass levels. However it is your choice.