The Trends feature, which we can say as a feature to highlight content popular on YouTube is coming to YouTube Music.

YouTube uses the Trendler feature on the website. It also adds this feature to its own music app. According to the statement, YouTube is very focused on improving the music app. As with the last incoming update, the Music app is also added to the trends feature as well as on the same website.

As of today, with the update coming into effect, the trends feature is activated for YouTube music that is actively working 29 different  in the  countries. The system, which works with logic on the same website, shows the trend content of the country in which it is located, while also showing the content that is trending throughout the world.

While the list will be updated weekly, it can be quite useful to see music that is trending both nationwide and worldwide.  The plugin will also work as integrated with YouTube itself. This means that music will be counted on YouTube and the number of rest in the YouTube Music app will be calculated. Accordingly, the trend list will be created in a symmetrical manner.