The United States national Aviation and Space agency NASA’s Insight Mars vehicle sent the first selfie photo.

Mars vehicle Insight, developed by NASA, recently finished a six month long 480 million kilometre journey and made a smooth landing on Mars. After landing, the spacecraft, which began to work without wasting too much time, also sent the first selfie photo. The other spacecraft, Curiosity, has added a new one to Mars selfie, where the solar panels are clearly caught. This photo, created in11 different shots, does not give much detail except for the breath taking complex structure of the vehicle. For those of you who don’t know, this spacecraft is of great importance for deep exploration of Mars. The space craft is particularly prominent with the seismometer to be placed on the surface. The seismometer, which will be placed on the surface of Mars with an arm on the ground and covered with special protection, continuously records the movements of the ground. At the same time, the vehicle, which will also perform heat recording for the floor, is looking for key data for the creation of the planets and its own. It is now examined from outside the red planet.

Mars is Being Examined in Depth

The spacecraft, which will often engage the agenda with many data acquired in the upcoming period, has no technical problems at the moment as described.