A strong player is participating in the smart television industry.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has been talking for a while to enter the smart TV market. The latest information shows one of the concrete steps taken in this direction, trademark registration. The company has registered the name ‘ Huawei aı Window ‘. Described in the next 6 months, The TV is going to be one of the devices that Huawei will be talking about in artificial intelligence abilities.

A few years ago, we started to see brands like Xiaomi, except for the brands that everyone is familiar with in the television industry. Xiaomi, who manages to hold on to the television market with its affordable products. It  comes to a huge opponent.

Considering the investments made by Huawei in the fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Objects (IoT), this television, which is to be developed  is very exciting.  The IoT technologies will come in many different places with 5g technology.  The IoT technologies will become a big part of our lives in the coming years.