Things 3  that make your life easier by putting in a streamline of your daily chores have been possessed by dark fashion. Having an application that reminds us of the things we need to do in our lives, from time to time takes great burdens from us. It can make us concentrate more on what we do. On the IOS platform, Things 3 is one of the most successful among the to-do list applications that can simplify ourlives.

Things 3, one of the most successful to-do list of IOS platforms has received a bright, dark and black view mode with an update today. The view modes can be set manually from the settings, while the display modes are automatically activated by the brightness level of the display.

Things 3; Apple supports Apple calendar, Siri, reminders, widgets, notifications, and Apple Watch. It can collaborate with these apps. It records your vacation and concerts  or your work. Things 3 are helping you use  times in the most efficient way.