Apple has made an agreement with Samsung for the production of OLED display with integrated touch panel. With the technology in question, the new IPhone models can be both thinner and lighter.

It can be said that Apple has been a bit lazy about design in recent years. Because the company introduced the design of the iPhone 6 in 2014. It was still using the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus introduced in 2017. In addition, the design of iphone X was introduced last year. It was also transferred to iphone XS, xs Max and iphone XR. Moreover, according to rumors, Apple will continue to use the iphone X design on the 2019 model iphones.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to say that Apple has completely discharged the design development issue. Samsung is the number one screen supplier.  Because the company has made a deal with Samsung for the production of OLED screen integrated withtouch panel. And for the production of OLED screen with integrated panel. OK,what exactly is the OLED display on the touch panel integrated?

 In today’s smartphones, the touch screen feature is provided thanks to a touch panel placed on top of the device screen. Even though the technology is working successfully, it increases the thickness of the device and makes it a bit heavier. In the touch Panel Integrated OLED display technology, the touch feature is on the OLED screen itself. So you don’t need an additional panel.

According to the shared report, the agreement between Apple and Samsung is already provided. And the new OLED screens will be available for the 2019 model iphones. But the production of OLED screens with integrated touch panel is not very cheap and easy. So the new display technology is only possible in the premium model in the year 2019. With the decrease in costs and increased production power, all IPhone models will have the technology in question.