The smartphones have recently entered the RAM race. The current winner of the smart phones ‘ RAM race is clearly seated on the throne. So, why is it necessary to have such large RAM?

The OnePlus 6T Mclaren Edition was recently announced with 10 GB of RAM.  Many people were stunned to hear that  the amount of this RAM.

In this news, we will try to explain the role that RAM plays on smartphones. Random Access is known as Memory, helping to make your phone work and making it quick.

What effects does RAM have on your phone?

  • When you think of RAM as your pocket, you can think of your phone’s main memory as your backpack.
  • Getting something out of your pocket will be quicker than getting it out of your backpack.
  • When you turn on your phone and start an app for the first time, your phone removes the operating system and the app’s data fromyour phone’s main memory. And it transfers most of the operating system and application data to RAM, which is faster.
  • Even if you stop using an app and switch to another app, your phone  continues to run that app in the back.
  • When you go back to the app, you can continue where you left off the application as if you never closed the app.  This is because the application data is stored in RAM. Switching between different applications is also known as multitasking. If a phone is said to perform multiple tasks successfully, it is because it is a robust RAM.
  • If there was no RAM in a phone, the apps would close completely when you switched between apps. This means that when you open an app, you need to reopen it completely.

Although these substances may seem to explain to us the logic of “how much bread, so many meatballs”, it is not really that simple. Yes, more RAM is better, but it’s more complicated than it looks.

RAM, which helps speed up your phone, allows you to continue with interrupted transactions without interruption. But the software also plays a major role here.

If we only talk about  the numbers, the Xs model of the IPhone with 4GB of RAM will appear as a loser device next to the OnePlus 6t Mclaren Edition. However, with the optimization of the Apple IOS operating system, this 4 GB of RAM is more than enough.

The similar situation also valids to Google’s phones. When phones other than Android’s stock model use 6 or 8 GB of RAM, the reason for using 4 GB of RAM in Google pixels is the more stable operation of the operating system.

Briefly to summarize, the reason is that there are 6 GB of RAM on devices that use any Android operating system except the stock Android operating system is to make it work as well as an iPhone that uses 4 GB of RAM.