In recent weeks, there has been a new development in the sticker event, which has caused a minor crisis between IOS and Whatsapp.

The ‘ Sticker ‘ feature has been activated for Android and IOS users  in the past month. It  has put a lot of color into WhatsApp.  But Apple put a little lemon in this excitement. It had deleted all sticker packages from the APP Store.

Apple has declared that it will not host any software thatneeds a different mobile application to work.  The ice between Apple and WhatsApp seems tomelt. Indeed, the shortcut to the Sticker app inside WHATSAPP with the latest update has been removed.

At this point, WhatsApp is not able to continue the method it implements on Android. They will either completely give up of the sticker feature for IOS or make sticker packs available for download from within the app. With their latest jestle, we can say that the second option is closer.