NASA’s reconnaissance vehicle had recently shared the first picture of sight Mars. The US National Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) have released a recording of the sound of the wind hitting the solar panels of insight.

Bruce Banerdt, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, found a statement about the sound on Mars. The voice recording on Mars was a surprise development, Banerdt said, aiming to measure the movement of insight, as well as the progress by the sound waves. In the meantime, it’s good to underline. Let’s say that the sound of another planet (Mars) has been heard from the world for the first time. Scientists say that the sound originated from the north west wind blowing 24 kilometres per hour. NASA President Jim Bridenstine also associated with the audio recording on Mars, “It is a privilege to hear the first voices on the surface of another planet. We have a great team, we do incredible things at NASA every day, “he said.

Informationabout NASA’s Reconnaissance Vehicle Insight

It is indicated that the six month long spacecraft will be investigating the surface of Mars. The vehicle, expressed to collect information about the underground structure of the Red Planet, also shared the first photos of Mars. The spacecraft, developed by NASA, features a camera that controls devices, solar panels, and heat and wind sensors. It will measure the vibrations of Mars in the Arctic and give an insight into the planet’s core. It’s going to be 5 meters deep.

NASA Explained about the Issue

NASA “the only data we have on the investigation of rocky planets belongs to the Earth. As a result, the findings on Mars will allow us to make a comparison, “he explained. NASA also states that Mars is a fossil planet with smaller and less energy than Earth. NASA, the secrets of the formation of the solar system is hidden in the depths of this planet. Use statements. We will share it with you when new developments come about Mars.