Giphy has released a new update with many features for users using IOS 12 and later versions.

Giphy updated the IOS app with the new features it brings. As of today, giphy users will be able to share GIFs  more quickly with the keyboard extension on their IOS devices.

After the new update, IPhone and ipads have a world icon inthe lower left-hand corner of the app. With that icon, the language of thekeyboard can be changed.  The new update only supports IOS 12 and later versions.

With truedepth camera technology, users using IPhone X and later phones can send their own giphy tags to other users. Also, gifs and tags can be saved to favorites. And the media files will be able to add, editable orloop videos  can be created.

The new update was partly due to Tapslash, which Giphy had in the past January. Tapslash had also published a very similar keyboard plugin.