One of the popular strategy game series, Civilization brings the sixth game in 2016 to theiPhone at the end. Civilization 6 can now be played on iPhone, right along with iPad. The last game of the series, which comes to mind as a “strategy game”, it was possible to play on the iPad since Civilization 6 was released to the PC. But the game did not offer support for iPhone. Now, it is ready to bring the experience to a smaller screen, the team will begin deploying the iPhone today. Now the strategy game lovers will be able to play the game through their iPhones. If you’ve already purchased the game for iPad, you don’t have to pay again. Otherwise, you can download the game directly from the account you purchased and startplaying.

First 60 Rounds Free

On the other hand, the game will be purchased for the first time the game is not very cheap. Free download in the game you can play the first 60 rounds without paying.

The iPhone version of the game, which can be played on iPhone 7 and later, is expected to be distributed in the store today. The game has been heralds the sale of the iPhone version with a %60 discount. Let’s remind you that the size of the game is quite loaded. Users with limited memory may need to prepare to download the 3.4 GB game. You can download the IOS version of the game in the sequel.

Update: The iPhone version of the game was deployed.