Samsung has been  mocking with Apple for years.  It  has said goodbye to the headphone jack with the Galaxy A8s.

Samsung has repeatedly mocking with Apple for removing the headphone jack. It has lifted the headphone jack on the Galaxy A8s. News for future models is not promising.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack is one of the most discussed hardware components for smartphones.  Some manufacturers argue that headphone input must be on the device in a strict manner. Some manufacturers argue that removing the headphone input for a better design is a necessity.

It can be said that the perspective of consumers is clear. Almostall smartphone users say there should be a 3.5 mm headphone jack on thedevices.   Otherwise, it is not possible to use old headsets without using a converter, listen to music and recharge the device without receiving an additional converter.

South Korean technology giant Samsung is mocking with Apple for removing the headphone jack since the day the IPhone 7 was released.  Many manufacturers have opted to remove the headphone jack since IPhone 7.  Samsung’s target is directly the Cupertino-based company. Because it is the Apple that started the furring.

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note7 in 2017, Justin Denison to  the audience:  Do you want to know what else Galaxy Note7 iscoming with? This is the headphone jack. I’m just saying. He was making fun ofApple. He also mentioned this issue in the ‘ Genius ‘ commercial film published earlier this year.

So what happened when we came today?  Samsung officiallyunveiled the Galaxy A8s, the first smartphone embedded in the front camerascreen. Even though the device draws attention with the display technology embedded in the screen. It also includes a significant improvement.  Samsung removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack onthe Galaxy A8s.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series would continue to protect the headphone input. But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to last long. According to rumors, the company will not place the headphone entry on the Galaxy Note10 and subsequent flagship ships.

Samsung has been mocking for years with Apple for removingthe headphone jack.  Eventually it is removing the headphone jack. It is an indication that no company should be talking big. However, the reaction of Samsung fans to the first flagship removed from the headphone jack is a real wonder.