Inca Lapetos IKG-447 Gaming Keyboard


Of course gaming equipment are as important as gaming platforms. Talking about Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones even Mousepads, the budgets are going to increase. In this case, preferring more affordable models becomes much more sense. In this point, Inca’s Lapetos IKG-447 model gets attention of users. Since you can buy a brand new Lapetos IKG-447 for only $26.99 on the market. It is very important to find these kind of price performance keyboards on the market. Indeed, Inca Lapetos IKG-447 is very successful gaming keyboard. In this way, users who seeks for a keyboard which cheap and successful, will be pleased of Inca Lapetos IKG-447.

Who Should Buy It?

Inca Lapetos IKG-447 Gaming Keyboard set, can be preferred by users who are looking for both cheap and successful (price / performance monster) gaming keyboards.

We have reviewed Inca Lapetos which becomes a really successful alternative against really expensive pricedgaming keyboards!

Producing exclusive gaming equipment for gamers, Inca became our guest with its keyboards and mouse models before. We have reviewed, Empouse IKG-441 model. But today we are going to review Lapetos IKG-447 gaming keyboard on our desk.

Inca Lapetos IKG 447 Gaming Keyboard

Lapetos, designed for gamers essentially, however you can easefully use it for daily usages. Also Lapetos does not have mechanic keys on the case with this issue it appeals to users who don’t like noisy keyboards. On the otherhand, Inca has aimed for minimal keyboard noise for this model, we can easily say that they become successful for this.

Usage of Lapetos

At usage point, Lapetos pleases both kind of users who likes gaming or daily usages. On the other hand, there are multimedia buttons on the upside of the keyboard. In addition to these you can use 3 different mode buttons on the left side of your keyboard. With this mode buttons you can assign 3 different game macros for you gaming experience. You can experience really successful gaming experience thanks to these buttons.

Using both Red and Black color on the keyboard at the same time, Lapetos has separated Macro buttons, WASD and direction buttons with red color. Besides from physical color, there is a RGB light support on the keyboard. Coming with7 different RGB color options, Lapetos allow users to change RGB light colors easily. You can change the color of RGB system with a button located on the right side of the keyboard. It was designed specifically to RGB lighting.

Inca Lapetos IKG 447 Gaming Keyboard

Macro buttons has been placed in front of the numeric buttons so we can say Lapetos is really large gaming keyboard. On the other hand, there is a wrist support for maximum comfort.

Sensitivity of buttons are really identical for button press and responsetime of Lapetos is really great for gamers. In this way, this amazing keyboard becomes an excellent keyboard for gamers who are seeking out for cheap and high performance usages.