Corsair HS70 Wireless


As a final words, we can humbly say that this headphones becomes the bestheadset among the other headsets we have tested and reviewed. It is not cheaphowever talking about its performance we can say that it deserves every pennyyou have given. On the other hand, with its performance it gets attention ofgamers who wants the best headphones on the market and it is clearlyremunerating its price.

We have closely reviewedCorsair HS70 which becomes an artwork among its opponents.

We find ridiculous to review gaming headsets for their game performances. It is really important to give same performances while listening music compared to in game performances because as we all know these kind of devices uses edge technology of today and designed for long hours of usages. However many headsets and their brands does not care about this topic a lot and most of them fail to complete this task. However we can say that Corsair HS70 Gaming Headsets pleases our expectations completely with its exclusive design, material quality, comfortable usage and sound performance. We can add this amazing headset to best of the headsets list. Here, we have reviewed Corsair’s newest headset model HS70 Wireless.

Corsair HS70 Wireless Headphone

HS70, does not have RGB Lighting which becomes a trend in nowadays, atthis point it may please and become a pro for the users who prefers mostly elegant and modest designs. Having a really elegant and modest design aspects,HS70 becomes really successful alternative for users.

Desing aspects of Corsair HS70

The headset is really lightweight and it has metal frame for connecting two 50 mm sides. It has really elegant design aspect and has impressive material quality. Ear pads conducted with impressive materials and holds your ears completely. At the same time, it is really comfortable for users who has big head shapes. You can set the headset for your head shape easily and it does not interrupt your long hour usages.

Corsair HS70 Wireless Headphone

Having 7.1 Virtual Sound Support, Corsair HS70 Wireless model becomes really lightweight considering its DAC unit and additional batteries. After charging the headset with its microUSB port completely you can use it for 16 hours without recharging it. Yes, we have tested it on our own. The wireless connection adapter of HS70 is not really big however it can’t be placed in the case of headphone. Without any disturbances, it successfully transfer the sounds within 12 meters.

Performance of Corsair HS70

So, what about the sound performance of Corsair HS70 Wireless model? We’ve talked about the comfort and wireless performance of this headset however most of us wondering about its sound quality. We have tested this headset while playing Battlefield V and Red Dead Redemption 2 and it gets full scores from us. Also it is important to note that there is no lag with wireless usage.

Let’s talk about the CONS of this headset. You can use Corsair HS70Wireless on your computer with CUE and Surround support. However if you want to use this headphone on your PS4, you can not use these options efficiently.