As a final words we can say that AOC I160 FWUX portable monitor achieves great success among its opponents. Being a practical solution at horizontal and vertical usages, it also have an identical performance for screen resolution of monitor. In this way, users who seeks for portable monitors can consider this amazing product. By the way, it is important to note that, this model can only be used with USB-C port. So if you don’t have USB-C port on your laptop, you may not use this monitor without an adapter.

AOC I1601 FWUX Portable Monitor

Who should buy AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor?

Users who travel a lot or needs a portable monitors always may consider buying AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor.

We have closely reviewed AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor which offers practical usages.

We mostly review high-end monitor models in our website however today we are going to review a portable monitor for more practical usages instead of performance issues. AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor model appeals to users who travels a lot and wants to an additional monitor to his / her computer. Of course it can be considered as a second monitor and an option for users who always uses his / her laptop on a desk.

AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor

AOC I1601 FWUX portable monitor have really thin profile and it weighs only 800 gr. Coming with an external case, it is really easy to carry this monitor to wherever you want. Protecting the monitor from any harsh conditions, this case can be fold for stand position and constant usages. You can use this monitor vertically if you want.

The most important element that makes AOC I1601 FWUX portable, it does not need any kind of plug socket to use. Powered with USB-C connection to your computer, you can also use it for display connector and it starts as soon as you plug it to your laptop or PC. However it is really important to note that; this portable monitor only works with laptops which have USB-C connection port. There is no USB Type-A support for this monitor.

Performance of AOC I1601 FWUX

AOC I1601 FWUX has 15.6” sized screen. Consisting of IPS panels, this screen offers users Full HD resolution and it has 5 ms response time. It also have 220 candelas brightness, 160 to 160 display angle and 60 Hz Frequency scanning rate.

AOC I1601 FWUX Portable Monitor

Of course you should not expect best performance and best coloring from this portable monitor since it can be used as a secondary monitor. However we find its display performance acceptable and identical. We can also say that it has mediocre contrast ratio for its class. Brightness ratio of the monitor is acceptable for both indoor and outside usages. By the way, it is important to note that this monitor has Low Blue Light mode in it.