The IOS 12.1.1 update causes a mobile data error on somedevices.

The IOS operating system has been updated by Apple over the past week.  It has risen to the 12.1.1version. And it was released for many IPhone smartphones.  It’s a very nice feature that comes with theupdate.  However, there are also a numberof problems that come with the update.

The latest Apple-released update, IOS 12.1.1  causes mobile data errors on some iphones.

One of the most problematic problems that comes with the IOS12.1.1 update is that mobile data is unavailable on some iPhone smartphonesalong with the update. There is no problem with the wireless Internetconnection. There is still no specific solution for the situation where connecting with mobile data is completely blocked.

This problem is seen randomly on some phones in many different countries. So there’s nothing you can check to see if it’s going tohappen. Moreover, this problem is not seen in the same way for everyone.  Some complaints can be seamlessly connected to the Internet via Safari, stating that they could not open the Internet forapplications in any way. Some of them didn’t have access to the Internetcompletely.

In addition, when some users restart the phone, the problem is resolved. Some users were completely rid of the problem when the format. Someusers have not yet found the solution to the problem, although they doeverything.

If you have not yet installed the IOS 12.1.1 update, you may want to wait until an official solution is brought to this issue by Apple. Because, you can also participate in the rare section of this problem.