Internet giant Google introduced the smart glasses model, which was named Google Glass in 2013. But you know, this product was a complete disappointment with the effect of high price. But the giant name looks like he’s going to try his luck one more time.

Google Glass is among the products that do not hope in the history of technology. Instead of smart phones, the product was not too prominent with its 1,500 price and limited features. So you remember that the company left the commercial version of the product and continued to work on the Enterprise edition version. As it turns out, the Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition is also being actively working. The glasses that are registered on the FCC do not seem likely to be sold in 2018. The spectacles with no support for 4g, however, carry Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. The institutional-oriented model is expected to officially replace the shelves in 2019. However, 100 percent of this issue cannot be given definitive information. The model is expected to be quite similar to the first version.

Can Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition Stand Out?

This situation still seems very difficult. Even smart clocks are still not as widespread as expected among users. It is also not expected to put a price tag on the new product of the internet giant. It’s unlikely that people who pay close to 1,000 to smart phones give a smart eye to this kind of money.