It’s finally happened! Scientists have announced that they are creating “artificial life” on the quantum computer. This work area is very similar to human life.

The project, conducted by researchers at the University of the Basque Country in Spain. It was also implemented using a QX4 quantum computer. Simulated life forms that scientists have created; It has various behaviours that exist in human life,such as reproduction, mutation, resurrection and death. Researchers say this study will help them investigate the source of life. Besides, they observe whether quantum mechanics will help humanity in this regard. Lucas Lamata, one of the names in the project, says: “Our research has brought together two areas that were not related to each other: artificial life and quantum calculations… The first of these areas is a comprehensive research type that includes the ability to produce biological behaviours in artificial systems. The latter is a system that develops thoroughly in recent years. It can also radically change the topics of information processing and communication. The idea that brought together these two fields revealed the question we asked at the beginning of the project. Which is the smallest physical system we can handle biological behaviours of the living beings? ”

Every simulated life form in the researchers ‘ work was represented by two quantum fragments. At the end of the research, even a small quantum system could produce biological behaviours. The fact that the Quantum has complex principles is the biggest factor in the situation. Another researcher Enrique Solano mentions that there are many more applications to develop. According to Solano, combining research with artificial intelligence methods will bring significant victories from molecular systems to social behaviour.

What is a Quantum Computer?

In summary, the quantum computer can solve problems at a speed that ordinary computers cannot do. For instance, intermolecular interactions in chemistry, billions of variables can be traded at the same time.