PS4 users are currently struggling with an interesting problem. A message from the console’s messaging system makes the entire console unusable.

The new issue that comes up for PS4 users is not really “new”. Basically, the problem works like this. When you receive a message that contains a specific character from someone, the console shuts down first after it hangs. In some cases, the console had to return to factory settings because it gave a constant error due to this problem. We’ve already seen this problem on other platforms. If you remember, the iPhone also had a similar situation, and a specific character in messages discarded from WhatsApp and messages was starting to prevent the application from opening. To resolve this situation, Sony will, of course, release a new update for PS4. However, until then, there are measures you can take to avoid being subjected to bad jokes and stress, and it is possible to solve the problem without returning to factory settings.

Protecting and Resolving a PS4 Crash Issue

If you haven’t received such a message so far, and you don’t want to experience this problem, we recommend that you make your messages “private” until the new update that Sony will release. You can avoid a new update by preventing people in your list from texting you. By log into the system and click “Personal Info | Messages “in the header you can get it down. For the console, go to Settings, account management, follow the steps in the privacy settings and you can still turn your messages off under this topic.

If you are experiencing this problem, the solution is hidden on your phone. If Android or iOS users delete the message that caused the console to crash after downloading the PlayStation Messages application to their phones, the console is reopened.

As a last resort, you may need to run and clean the device in Safe mode. To turn on Safe mode, you must first turn off the PS4 system by pressing the power button on the front panel. After the system shuts down completely, you need to press and hold the power button again. When the two “beeps” sound is heard, Safe mode starts when you release the button. You can use the options in this mode by connecting the Dual Shock 4 to the device with the USB cable and pressing the PS button on the controller.